Specialized Seedlings, Small to large scale agricultural farms and agricultural development projects


Specialized Seedlings, Commercial Vegetable Seedlings Nursery
Specialized Seedlings is a commercial vegetable seedlings nursery which caters for all vegetable and herb growers from large scale farmers to small scale hobby farmers and housewives. We also are an avid supporter of agricultural research and development projects.

Specialized seedlings conducts trails for farmers as well as a multitude of in house germination, size, quality, pesticide and disease resistance trails.

The nursery was founded in 2005 as a farm nursery and has developed year on year into a larger scale "speedling" or seedling nursery that services and supplies the general Gauteng and North West province. The nursery specializes in mainly fancy leaf lettuce, iceberg lettuce, spring onions, spinach, cabbage, sweet peppers and tomatoes. To a lesser extent it also caters for herbs and leeks.

No matter how big or small we have the perfect nursery seedling for you.

Specialized Seedlings, Seasonal Growing Program
Specialized Seedlings, Herbs and Leeks
The nursery currently grows various types of herbs and medicinal herbs for sale which can be bought in 6 pack seedling trays or can be bought in larger 1 litre and 5 litre bags. These include Rosemary, Thyme (orange and lemon), Lavender Spearmint, Chicory, Cayanne (Chilli), Chamomille, Fenugreek, Ginger, Lavender, Origano, Sage, Watercress to list a few. Other interesting grasses include Catnip, Stevia (sugar grass) and Wheat Grass.

Specialized Seedlings, Healthy Herbs and Spices


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