Specialized Seedlings, Small to large scale agricultural farms and agricultural development projects


Specialized seedlings purchases commercial seed from only the top international seed companies, which guarantees perfect seed quality. We purchase the seed, check the germination, sow the seed and grow out the seedlings until a suitable transplant size is achieved. A young but "hardy" seedling is best suited to the harsh African climate.

As a wholesale nursery, to justify the transport and logistics into the North West and Gauteng areas a minimum order of 30,000 seedlings would need to be placed. Smaller orders of less than 30,000 seedlings can be arranged by placing a signed order in advance and collected from the nursery. Most farmers pre-plan a year round program so as to assure their weekly or fortnightly transplanting schedule arrives according to plan.

Smaller batches or orders for farmers of less than 30,000 seedlings can be organised or collectioned on an ad hoc basis, provided prior notice is given.

Housewives and keen gardeners will enjoy our mixed herb and lettuce trays. Please phone ahead to check the availability of these mixed trays.

During the 'in seasonal' tomatoes, sweet peppers, basil and chillies are available on an order or on an ad hoc basis. The "out of season" or non-frost free vegetables will need to be pre-programmed.

All seedlings sown are marked with a trace code or lot number. These numbers are used to trace the seedlings heritage. It is possible to trace a seedling to the date it was sown which fertilizers or presticides were used on them, when and where, its germination percentage and when it was due for collection. Lot numbers can furthermore be used to trace the seeds age and country of origin. In terms of international standards any lettuce, cabbage or tomato crop must be able to be traced back from its grave to its cradle.

Below is a basic price list of the vegetable and herb seedlings we produce as seen below. Please take note many are seasonal varieties such as tomato and peppers vary between open field, net and greenhouse protection.

Weekly extra's and extra seedlings:
Often the nursery has "extra" seedlings which are grown over and above the agreed seedlings programs to make sure the farmers are never short of their program or orders.


2015/2016: Per Seedling
(Prices subject to change)
Vegetable Type Variety Season Colour Seed Company Less > 1,000 1,000-5,000 5,000 Plus
Cabbage         ZAR ZAR ZAR
Cabbage Conquestador Summer Green Sak R1.00 R0.50 R0.20
Cabbage Tennacity Summer Green Sak R1.10 R0.55 R0.22
Cabbage Megaton Winter Green Hyg R1.30 R0.65 R0.26
Cabbage Red Queen All Year Red Hyg R1.25 R0.63 R0.25
Cabbage Baby Red Red Rookie All Year Red Sak R1.15 R0.58 R0.23
Cabbage Baby Green Perfection Cross All Year Green Sta R0.95 R0.48 R0.19
Cabbage Leaf English Gaint Winter Green Sta R0.80 R0.40 R0.16
Spinach Fordhook Gaint All Year Green Sta R0.80 R0.40 R0.16
Cauliflower Star 4418 Winter White Sta R1.00 R0.65 R0.26
Cauliflower Pearl Winter White Sta R1.00 R0.68 R0.27
Cauliflower Spacestar Winter White KK R1.00 R0.68 R0.27
Broccoli Pathenon Winter Green Sak R1.00 R0.70 R0.37
Broccoli Star 2204 Winter Green Sta R1.00 R0.70 R0.34
Broccoli Penguin Winter Green Sta R1.00 R0.63 R0.25
Tomato: Medium Star 9008 Summer Red Sta R3.10 R1.55 R0.62
Tomato: Medium Star 9011 Summer Red Sta R3.50 R1.75 R0.70
Tomato: Medium Marushka Summer Red Rz R5.50 R2.75 R1.10
Tomato: Cherry Little Wonder Summer Red Sta R1.50 R0.75 R0.30
Sweet Pepper Revelation Summer   Hyg R5.00 R2.50 R1.00
Sweet Pepper Star 6657 Summer   Sta R4.45 R2.23 R0.89
Chilli Pepper Serano Certias Summer Red Sta R3.00 R1.50 R0.60
Chilli Pepper Cayanne Long Slim Summer Red Sta R1.65 R0.83 R0.33
Chilli Pepper Birds Eye Ascent Summer Red Hyg R0.00 R0.00 R0.35
Fancy Lettuce              
Batavia Red Cherokee All Year Red RZ R1.10 R0.55 R0.22
Batavia Green Nevada All Year Green Nz R0.95 R0.45 R0.18
Butter Nadine All Year Green Rz R1.30 R0.65 R0.26
Cos Avona All Year Green Rz R1.30 R0.65 R0.26
Lolla Rossa Anthony All Year Red Rz R1.00 R0.50 R0.20
Lolla Bionda Levistro All Year Green Rz R1.50 R0.75 R0.30
Red Oak Versai All Year Red Rz R1.25 R0.63 R0.25
Green Oak Roblesso All Year Green Rz R1.25 R0.63 R0.25
Chives   All Year     R0.90 R0.50 R0.20
Basil   Summer     R0.90 R0.50 R0.20
Corriander   All Year     R0.90 R0.50 R0.20
Dill   All Year     R0.90 R0.50 R0.20
Fennel   All Year     R0.90 R0.50 R0.20
Mint   All Year     R1.80 R1.50 R0.90
Oreganum   All Year     R0.90 R0.50 R0.20
Sage   All Year     R0.90 R0.50 R0.20
Thyme   All Year     R0.90 R0.50 R0.20
Wild Rocket   All Year     R0.90 R0.50 R0.20
Rocket   All Year     R0.90 R0.50 R0.20
Rosemary   All Year     R1.80 R1.50 R0.90
Water Cress   All Year         TBC
Celery Victoria All Year Green Fer R0.98 R0.70 R0.40
Celery Tall Utah All Year Green   R0.90 R0.50 R0.20
Pak Choi Shuko All Year Green   R0.90 R0.50 R0.20
Sorrel Red Veined All Year Red/Green   R0.90 R0.50 R0.17